Organized Homemaker’s Linky Party!

Okay, before I get to the linky party, I have to share some exciting news!  A couple of days ago, Marcie from Don’t Waste Your Homemaking approached me (via email) and asked if she could share a couple of my posts with her readers.  Of course, I was super flattered and immediately responded with a resounding “Yes!”  Click the image below to see which one she chose:

Grab a Button
Because I am a believer in spreading the love, please take a few moments to check out her blog.  It really is lovely!  While you’re at it, why not leave a nice comment or two.  Oh yeah, and tell her I sent you!  🙂  (But be sure to link up your organizing posts before you leave!)

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Organizing Tips for Homemakers

Yesterday, I talked about the different types of homemakers and today I want to give each type of homemaker a couple of tips to make her job a little easier.  By the way, even if you don’t have children yet, many of these tips can still be put into practice to simplify your life.  Also, just because you’re one type of homemaker, doesn’t mean you can’t use the tips I’ve listed under another type of homemaker.
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I’d Like to Thank the Academy…

“I think the most significant work we ever do, in the whole world, in our whole life, is done within the four walls of our own home.” – Stephen R. Covey

Yesterday I checked my email and found a message from Heather (Mrs. Decor-ganize Crafts herself) telling me that I should check her blog because she had a surprise for me.  Always up for a good surprise, I made my way over and found the good news:

She had nominated me for this…

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